Agatha also has a line of products lovingly made by Kat.

We analyze your spaces and needs to then design fully customized pieces.

We offer a range of products for both decoration and functionality, all fully customizable to suit your tastes and spaces.
Abstract canvases with acrylic paint.

Together we will make an analysis of your space and we will select the appropriate size of the canvases, as well as the colors to use. We have different finishes and effects, so do not hesitate to ask because our team is ready to answer all your questions before closing your order.

charcuterie boards and decor pieces

You can buy boards and decor pieces like mirrors, boxes and trays  that are in our stock or place a custom order for your home. Our art is made with resin and special pigments to achieve the perfect color to match your home.

Let’s Build Something!

If you have any project in mind, doubt or something in which we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us.


+1 (901)-319-7206