About Us

Katiusca and Eduardo were born in Venezuela and are a Christian couple who love architecture and good design. Kat is an architect and interior designer and Eduardo is a construction project manager and together they form a great team.
Who We Are

 Agatha was born in 2016 when Kat was living in Spain, ​​where she had the opportunity to study architecture and it was in that beautiful country that her passion for art began. In 2019 she traveled to the United States for vacations where he saw his first love again after 8 years; months later they got married and they decided to start a new life in Charleston, SC. Without imagining what would come next, the pandemic made it difficult to find a job and in the middle of the chaos Eduardo and Kat made the decision to open their own company, so they continue the project that Kat had started in Spain now here, in the United States. . Our company specialized in high-end architecture and design. We’ve carried out multiple designs, remodeling and installations that always seek the well-being and comfort of all our clients.



We know how complicated it can be to express your ideas to a builder, that’s why our team of specialized architects and designers will do this job for you.


Whatever your style and needs, we will look for it and adapt it to your spaces. From assessment to whole and complete reforms. 


Agatha also has a line of products lovingly made by Kat. Products that can be fully customized to your spaces, tastes and needs.

Let’s Build Something!

If you have any project in mind, doubt or something in which we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us.


+1 (901)-319-7206